When small, high-growth companies—public and private—seek advice on how to handle tough situations, Adam J. Epstein is one of their go-to advisers.


Attract Better Investors

As a former institutional investor, Adam knows precisely what’s required in this regard.

Raise Capital Less Dilutively​

Adam has invested in 500+ small-cap financings; he knows exactly where companies always go wrong.

Optimize Your Board of Directors​

Adam has helped countless small-cap companies transform their boards into competitive advantages.

Improve Storytelling

Imagine if your storytelling was so effective that employees, customers, and investors could become brand ambassadors.

Attract Better Employees​

Adam can help you create and oversee a corporate culture that attracts and retains better employees.

Companies that Adam advises no longer have to speculate how institutional investors will react to critical day-to-day decisions.

Small-Cap Institute, Inc.

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There are 3 principle ways you can work with Adam


Tailored, interactive, in-boardroom programs designed to advance best practices, communication, and function—through the lens of a former institutional investor.

Ongoing Advisory

Advisory Services for CEOs and boards who have discrete, time-sensitive boardroom issues, or those who need help architecting and implementing seminal corporate events (e.g., IPOs, M&A, uplistings from junior exchanges, reverse mergers, etc.).

Keynote Speaking
Interactive presentations to business leaders on issues ranging from capital markets, corporate finance, and corporate case studies, to boardroom transformation and corporate storytelling.

About Adam J. Epstein

Adam is a former institutional investor, who brings a “buy-side perspective” to the boards of small-cap companies. He’s the author of The Perfect Corporate Board (a “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon).

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The Perfect Corporate Board is the only book ever written to help small-cap boards master the unique challenges they face on a daily basis. In June 2017, it was the #1 ranked corporate governance book on Amazon.

All of Adam’s royalties from The Perfect Corporate Board are donated to Fisher House Foundation, which helps US veterans and their families.

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“Trust me, you want Adam in your boardroom. Incidentally, so do your investors.”

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